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    ichiruki moments in Bleach episode 342 → 3/?

    He was looking for her until find her (so cute Ichigo) and he says she’s acting different, he also noticed she doesn’t even look his eyes since some time ago but Rukia doesn’t answer (oh my god, they’re so cute together), he asked if she has something to tell him and she says yes, so Ichigo says her it’s ok if she doesn’t want to tell him, he just wanted to be sure and they have a fight as always but he confess they know each other since a long time, so he can know what is she thinking and she fucking smiles because he never changes and yeah~

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    Dear MochiJun, why your art is so perfect?

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    Kuro, i’ve definitelty equipped myself with your fear.

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    *raises hand*

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  6. サスケ x ナルト

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    Diet Killers

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